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Jacob Saariaho

Back fighting with Shopify.

I've finally figured out my process, but I need a Online Store with an easy "behind the counter" set-up and a reliable "customer experience".

To that end, I chopped off the BlueHost/WordPress/Optimizer-Template section of the site... and streamlined back to just the GoDaddy/Shopify/Minimal-Template.

I hate GoDaddy, Shopify, and the Minimal template... but I can get them to work and I know where everything is (kinda).

So will just be the Online Store Front.

If I'm going to "Blog", I'm most likely to do it on Facebook...

If I'm going to post photos, ads, and videos, It's more intuitive (for me) to post them to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube...

If I'm going to sell product (You are going to sell t-shirts with this t-shirt company, aren't you?) then I NEED a store front.

My GoDaddy/Shopify/Minimal setup may be basic AF, but I think I can manage it solo... for now.

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  • ziwssxojpa on

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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